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Message Subject casting Jesus in films, costume & historical errors
Poster Handle inca=chinitial
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That horrendous Star of Bethelem mistake is repeated ad infinitum. That's because they mix Matthew & Luke accounts as if they were the same. Herodes did CALCULATIONS about WHEN DID THE STAR APPEAR and then he decided to kill kids from 2 years old down. The Bible never mentioned 3 kings neither their names. That's Catholic tradition only. They were "magoi" magician and took at least 2 years in that trip. Trip where? To Jerusalem. Who was in Jerusalem? King Herod, the one who wanted to kill the baby boy. Why would God alert HIM sending magician to Jerusalem? Isn't that odd?

The star moves from East to Jerusalen during a couple of years. Then remains still there, then it goes from there to Bethelem. Now, by that time the baby was not a baby no more 'cos IT PASSED TWO YEARS ALREADY and then the star STOPS RIGHT ABOVE... above what? A HOUSE where Mary was with the kid (apparently Joseph is not there any more). Well, that star certainly didn't look like Halley comet nor supernova explosion neither alignment of planets! That looks more like a UFO send by a deceiver.

And what else? Ah yes, since the star was sent to alert Herode of the 2-years old kid whereabouts, then THEY RECEIVED A WARNING DREAM not to get back to the same path. So, what we see here is the one who sends the dream is in opposition to whomever guided the moving star, right?

The movies waste too much of a time in that which was probably invented by Matthew anyways! Why wasting 40 minutes or an hour in such a thing?
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