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Message Subject casting Jesus in films, costume & historical errors
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In a would-be film the director should invest at least half an hour in the trail and use flashback. Like a film about lawyers. That's because Messiah was arrested at Getsemani garden, then led to Hannah's house who was ex high priest (when Christ was 12 years old). Later on that same night he is carried to Caiphas' wide house (he was Hannah's son in law)while some of the 71 members of the Sanhedrin are gathering together (that is: the members who hate Christ)and seeking for witnesses. That's illegal meeting. Next day (Friday at dawn) the members of the Sanhedrin gather together but this time at the Sanhedrin in order to legitimate the illegal trial. Then they sent Christ to Pilate's palace who didn't find any reason to judge or condemn him. Then the exhausted Christ is kept on moving to Herod who moked him and put a purple robe on him. He sent Christ back to Pilate who tried to release Christ at least 4 times until he fears when the mob says "we have no king but Cesar" knowing his own life is in jeopardy if he releases Christ. That's because there's the Laesa Majestas law (Wounded Majesty)that could be used by Tiberius against him and his family.
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