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Message Subject casting Jesus in films, costume & historical errors
Poster Handle inca=chinitial
Post Content
Well, perhaps Pilate could use his TOGA when was off-duty.
In that "Jesus" tv production with Jeremy Sisto the characters look like wearing colorful clothes from India!!!! Dyes were rare and costly. ORANGE WAS NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL and purple was so expensive it was worn only by royalty (upper class would indicate their wealth by a STRIPE or FRINGE of purple in their garments.
As I said darl clothing was common, abit brownish or reddish with a ROUGH TEXTURE cos the fabric would be linen or wool. Until the invention of cotton gin, removing the seeds from cotton bolls was such a tedious process that only rich ones wore cotton garments except head coverings. Jewish women often covered their hair which could be seen only by their husbands.
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