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Message Subject casting Jesus in films, costume & historical errors
Poster Handle The Guy
Post Content
as described in the bible, YES! and it aint black replacement theology. replacement theology began when the white man began to hide the truth from the original jews and put a fake replacement there. look at all the documentaries and hollywood movies. every last person is either white or arab looking. read Jeremiah 14 verse 2:
"Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish, they are black unto the ground.

Lamentations 5 verse 10:
"our skin was black like an oven."

Job 30 verse 30:
"My skin is black upon me."

are those verses black replacement theology or biblical facts? what hollywood did was place the color of the real jews as white or arab looking, which they are not! thats replacement theology! for one white skin dont get black but pale. in the sun the skin dont get black but red. and its so funny how the new versions of the bible changed black to dark and rewrite some of the scriptures to give it a different meaning. thats replacement theology!

God isnt talking about the rest of the world in revelation but of his scattered sheep. if your captors enslaved you you will begin to learn the language and that language became your native tongue. read deuteronomy 28 and it will be revealed which race fit that biblical curse unto today.

nations: americas, caribbean, europe wherever his people are scattered
tribes and people: judah, benjamin, simeon, reuben, levi etc became african americans, jamaicans, haitians, etc
tongues: french, spanish, dutch, portuguese, english
 Quoting: i tell ya 595776

Actually, then a "white" person got a tan, this used to be called "sun-blackened." I'm sorry, but all people are descendants of Noah's family. Whether a person is related any closer than that to the biblical Israelites doesn't matter. God has extended His blessing to all peoples.
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