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Subject Jesus = Sun Lucifer = Nibiru - We Live In A Binary Solar System
Poster Handle Tantalus
Post Content
The ancient egytpians worshiped the Sun. They called him Ra. He is the literal sun in our sky. They also had a fictional personification of the Sun told in the form of the story of HORUS. The story of Horus was the story of Ra the SUN in our sky, told as a person, to teach people the cycles of the sun thru the constelation that were known at the time, each constelation personified as a charecter in the story. Most every ancient culture has a story of similar proportion, ALL BASED ON THE SUN IN OUR SKY.

These storys have evolved into what we now call Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus is the story of the Sun thru the constelations an ancient culture knew, in the cycle of a year.

If you know anything about Christianity, you know that Jesus has an antagonist as well. The binary star that is the center of our binary solar system partners system. This is Lucifer, or literaly translated, "Light Bearer" Nibiru has been miss translated.

Ni = Light
Biru = Bearer

Nibiru = Light Bearer

We Live in a Binary Solar System.

Recent astronomy studys have concluded that most other stars that we have observed in our study cosmos have revealed that MOST SOLAR SYSTEMS ARE BINARY OR TRINARY SYSTEMS. It is rare you find a lone star. Our system is no acception.

Binary Solar System

Jesus = Sun
Our solar system, the Kingdom of God.

Lucifer = Nibiru
There solar system, the Democratic Republic of Lucifer?
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