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*Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/18/2009 08:24 AM
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Re: *Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida
so sad

they need to back up the satellites and look for who took that little girl
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 603920
United States
02/18/2009 07:51 PM
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Re: *Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida
Haleigh's Father Reportedly Had a Fight Day Before She Disappeared

Posted By: Jackelyn Barnard Created: 2/18/2009 6:30:20 PM Updated: 2/18/2009 7:13:25 PM

SATSUMA, FL -- Family members of Ronald Cummings say he got into a fight with another man over a gun one day before his daughter disappeared.

A relative told First Coast News Cummings accused the other man of stealing a gun. The relative could not remember the name of the man or where the fight happened.

The relative said the man disappeared the next day and the gun was found in a ditch.

No word on the type of gun, but on the night Haleigh disappeared, Cummings told responding deputies he had a 9 mm Beretta handgun and would kill the person who had taken his child.

Authorities would not comment on the claim.

An FBI expert told First Coast News with the investigation at this stage, authorities take a really close look at anything unusual in the hours, days and weeks before a child's disappearance.

[link to www.firstcoastnews.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 612639
United States
02/20/2009 11:35 AM
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Re: *Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida
twist of an update...
Friday, February 20, 2009
The Putnam County Sherriff's Office says that the FBI is investigating Misty Croslin's cousin. Eyewitness News learned Thursday, that Misty Croslin's cousin was in town the night Haleigh disappeared. There are questions about what role he may have played in the disappearance. After the little girl vanished, he took off to Tennessee. WFTV reporter Mark Boyle briefly spoke with Misty Croslin about her cousin.

[link to www.wftv.com]

more rumors
so misty claims her cousin molested her when she was a child...so why would he even be allowed to be at the trailer the previous day? there are rumors that ron and the cousin argued after a gun went missing from the trailer...ron says this is not true after a gun was found in a ditch...how can someone with a rap sheet as long as his have full custody of two children??? these are some bad people...these kinds do not need children...

what if and i hope i'm wrong...
misty left the back door propped open with the block so that she could easily sneak in and out...only when she got back she saw that the kitchen light was on...she checked on the children and started to panic because Haleigh is gone and then with no time to think the father pulls up...she has no time to lock the back door so she gives the lame excuse that she awoken to the light on and the backdoor propped with the block...

this poor child was around a bunch of bad people who have done bad things...i still can't get over how so many sex offenders live in her neighborhood to begin with...you just can not live around that many without something happening...
once again why is this even allowed?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 603920
United States
02/26/2009 06:07 PM
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Re: *Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida
Cadaver dogs have just alerted on a construction dumpster.

[link to www.websleuths.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 603920
United States
03/01/2009 05:09 PM
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Re: *Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida
The dumpster was a dead end. Nothing was found, but the 3 dogs cadaver dogs hitting on it show that there was a corpse in there at one time. Could have been years ago.

News today: Haleigh's then 3 yr old brother now says a black man dressed in black with squeaky shoes abducted his sister.

Also Geraldo Rivera says the father was stoned on the interview where he kicked Geraldo off the property.

Videos at link.

[link to www.examiner.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 643814
United States
04/05/2009 05:49 AM
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Re: *Amber Alert* for Haleigh in Florida
[link to www.artharris.com]

Exclusive: White Boy Greg and Misty Cummings!

Exclusive: White Boy Greg’s first interview, talks Misty to Art Harris
(Interview property of artharris.com, website credit required)

By Art Harris, The Bald Truth, (c) artharris.com, all rights reserved

SATSUMA, Fla.–He’s been called the mystery man who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of Misty (then Croslin), and the conflicting timelines she’s given in the days and hours before Haleigh Cummings, age 5, went missing from the trailer where the 17 year old babysitter claims they were sleeping. Then, amid rumors about Misty and her mystery man, she married Haleigh’s father, Ronald, 26–and the couple stopped talking publicly.

His name is Gregory Page, 28, aka White Boy Greg, an aspiring graphic designer. The Single father of two with big time dreams who has been plagued by drug arrests and stints in the county jail for possession.

So far, he’s kept his own counsel, aghast at talk show hosts begging him to call and jack up ratings. Rants that he blames for sending his mother to the ER with a stroke, and his five year old into a tantrum of tears when his mug shot flashes across the TV screen in Palatka, Florida.

He’s spoken in depth to police about his time with Misty, investigators confirm. And an outside private eye and bounty hunter named William Staubs, 51, who goes by the street name, Cobra and has been cooperating with police, has spent hours with Page, his family and friends to check out his story.

“I’m light-complected, had a white father and my mother is black, so they call me ‘White Boy’ on the street,” Page tells me in his first media interview that can be heard exclusively on artharris.com.

In that interview, Page tells me he did have a “fling” with Misty the weekend before she reported Haleigh missing, but was not with her that Monday night.

“Only a fool would be at another man’s house, laying up with his girlfriend,” he tells me during a telephone interview he agreed to let me tape. “It was a brief little fling, not like no love or anything, no relationship, (just) like ‘how ya doin.’”

“I was with the girl that weekend,” he says, describing a three-day party of sex, cocaine, pot, and pills. Only in the last two weeks did he learn about his public notoriety with Misty, “when a neighbor read your website and told my mother…I was startled….”

But Page adamantly denies he’s the mysterious “black man in black” with “squeaky” shoes who Haleigh’s, baby brother, Junior, age 4, reportedly saw in the trailer that night and told the story to his mother, grandmother, and police. According to the reports, Junior said the man in black had made the couch “bounce” and took his sister.

Page says he’s cooperated with police, and told Cobra everything he knows, and fears the focus on him may be an attempt to divert attention from Misty and Ronald Cummings, where he believes the truth lies. (Remember cousin Joe in Tennessee, the Cummings’ and Croslin families’ prime suspect who has dropped off police radar?) Shortly after Haleigh vanished, Page says he sat down with Putnam County lead investigator Detective John Merchant where he laid out the details, took a polygraph and was told he passed.

Sources close to the case confirm he’s not a suspect, and that Misty also told police they’d been together.

Says Page: “I wish I could tell you what happened. I’ve got two kids the same age (as Haleigh and Ronald, Jr.), but I don’t know. I feel real bad for the family.” And William Staubs, aka Cobra, says he’s talked to Page for hours, checked out his story, and is convinced he’s telling the truth about that weekend and any Haleigh connection.

Playing cupid that weekend: a Christina Prevatt, 18, who everyone calls “Nay Nay.” She says she introduced Misty to Page. Soon everyone was eager to get the party started, say both Page and Prevatt, and soon everyone was high, including Misty.

“Cocaine?” I ask Page.

“Yeah, he says, “and pills, all kind of shit.”

“What kind of pills?”

“Roxies, and all that,” says Page.

“What are ‘roxies’? ” I ask.

“It’s a breakthrough for Oxycontin,” Page explained. “I’m not going to lie to you, I do a little drugs, but I’m going to straighten up.”

After the news broke about Misty as the witness at the center of the missing child, Page’s mother, Lyn, tells me, “I asked (Greg), ‘Did you go to bed with that girl?’ And he said, he had, three times.’”

Says Page: “I wish I could tell you what happened. I’ve got two kids the same age (as Haleigh and Ronald, Jr.), but I don’t know. I feel real bad for the family.”

Their fated encounter began, as Prevatt tells artharris.com in an exclusive interview, when she took a frantic call from a distraught Misty who reported she’d just been in a terrible fight with Ronald. He’d exploded in rage when she informed him she was pregnant, says Nay Nay, who believes it was a ruse to pressure him.

“She showed me the pregnancy tests,” says Prevatt, “it was positive, but I think it was her sister’s. She was in love with Ronald and wanted him to marry her. She said she can’t leave him because she said he gives her what she wants.”

If Cummings did believe her, he wasn’t buying paternity.

“She said he kept calling her a ‘whore, that it wasn’t his baby, a ‘n— lover’ because she hangs out with me, and my baby Daddy is black….He dropped her off at her brother’s house, but kept her clothes. She ran down the road and called me and I picked her up.”


So it began, the wild weekend. But as Page’s mother clarifies and an astute reader confirms with Prevatt’s traffic tickets in a post, the teenagers were hanging out at least as early as Feb. 3, when Prevatt says they started cruising in her blue Lincoln, which clipped a truck at an intersection; Nay Nay kept driving.

No one was hurt but Prevatt confirms she left the scene; the other driver called 911 and cops pulled her over.

By fate or coincidence, they wrote her ticket outside the house of Greg Page’s mother, Lyn, an Army reserve veteran and home health care worker. Lyn also cares for his two toddlers and four other children. She remembers at least two other girls in the car with Nay Nay with babies and no car seats scrambling to leave, so police wouldn’t see them. Afterwards, they all converged in front of her house.

It was hot, so Lyn invited Nay Nay, Misty and another friend inside, made small talk, asked if they knew her son, Greg, and whipped out family photos of the strapping, six footer with light skin.

“I’ve GOT to meet him,” gushed Misty. ‘I want to meet him.”

“She seemed very nice, very polite,” says Lyn in an exclusive interview with artharris.com and asked that her last name not be used.

Later that week, Wednesday or Thursday before Haleigh vanished, she recalls seeing her son riding around with the girls–Misty, Nay Nay and Amber Brooks, a Ronald Cummings “ex” he dated after Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, and who has custody of their son.

“Greg is a good looking young man,” says Page’s mother, “the girls like him.”

Page says he’d never met Misty until that Thursday, when she fled Ronald and got the ride from Prevatt, an old Misty acquaintance who knew Ronald from Amber Brooks days. Greg said he didn’t know Ronald Cummings. But he was sure hitting it off with his girls.

“Me and Misty and Nay Nay were hanging out, doing drugs and partying, and she came back the next day and we hanged out.”

That weekend, Page says he cruised with the girls between Palatka and St. Augustine, where Amber Brooks tells artharris.com she had words with Misty for purportedly stealing her man and “trying to take my child.” They were pulled apart before it came to blows, says Prevatt.

Misty was trying to forget Ronald, says Prevatt. “Smoking weed, drinking, (taking) downers, roxies, snorting cocaine,” says Prevatt. “She’d turned her phone off and acted like she wasn’t even thinking of Ronald after she hooked up with Greg.”

Several calls to Ronald’s family and to Misty’s were not returned.

But I recall dinner with Cummings about ten days ago; Cobra pressed him over Misty canceling a crime scene walk-through she’d promised to do, to help clear her name and clear things up. Cobra kept bringing up White Boy Greg, pushed his button; Ronald was still furious, if philosophical, about Misty hooking up with him. “So what if she (slept with)” a (black man), he said, using the racial epithet. “I still love her and one of my best friends is black.”

In our interview, Page says he last saw Misty about 4 a.m. Sunday, Feb, 8, and learned later she was going to visit her father, laid up in the hospital from a car accident, busted leg.

He says Misty called him, “said she wanted to hook up later.” But later never came. He says he called, but she never called back, and he didn’t reach out after Haleigh turned up missing. “I didn’t need the heat,” he says.

Meanwhile, Misty was apparently ambivalent about her breakup with Ronald, couldn’t shake his spell. “She told me she loved him because he gave her what she wanted, and she wanted a baby,” Prevatt told me.

By Sunday, the party was winding down.

“She said she wasn’t going back to Ronald, and said for me to drop her off at her brother’s house,” recalls Prevatt, “that she had to take care of the kids,” unclear if she meant her nephews or Haleigh and Junior. “I asked her, ‘You going to Ronald’s? But she didn’t answer; she was over in a corner talking quietly to him on the phone. They both kept talking and hanging up.”

Then Misty made a personal request. “She asked me if I had a condom,” says Prevatt. “She said Ronald asked her to bring one, but I didn’t have any.”

She’s not sure where Misty spent Sunday night and Monday morning. Haleigh was supposed to take the school bus. Often, Misty would walk the kids to the bus, sometimes in her pajamas. That’s what three sets of parents with children on the bus tell me.

Only on Monday morning, Jerry Santos, a neighbor at the bus stop with his children tells me Ronald raced by in his purple car with tinted windows, coming inches away from hitting a pickup truck–and mowing him and kids down in the loading area. Inside the vehicle, Santos could make out Haleigh. “My daughter was still scared that afternoon about how close he came, she couldn’t stop talking about it,” says Santos.

Other parents tell me Haleigh did not ride the bus that morning, raising questions about whether Misty spent Sunday night elsewhere; it looked like Ronald had to scramble to get Haleigh to school on time, turning him into a speed demon, perhaps concerned another tardy would put him in hot water with Haleigh’s school and the Department of Family Services.

Haleigh did ride the bus home. Ronald has said he picked her up and took her home before he went to work, but two sets of parents tell me they saw Misty pull up in the blue van, and yell at the children to hurry as they piled in. “I remember Haleigh was smiling when she got off the bus,” Santos wife tells me.

“It all comes back to Misty,” Cobra tells me, “and her timeline. No one knows what she was doing after she visited her Dad at the hospital Monday. Or whether she was even home that night (Monday). So many conflicts in her stories. She said she put blankets in the washing machine at 8 p.m. so why did police note the washing machine was running hours later? She said she ecalled Ronald when she couldn’t find Haleigh, but Ronald was standing outside, supposedly just home from work.”

Then, early Feb. 10, Haleigh turned up missing and Misty didn’t answer her phone for several days, says Prevatt. Finally, she picked up. “She said, the FBI had had her phone. She said she couldn’t talk because the phones were tapped and hung up.”

That was the last time they spoke, Prevatt says.

“What do I think happened?” asks Prevatt. “I just know when she’s with the kids, I can’t hang out with her because Haleigh would tell Ronald Nay Nay was there and he’d get mad. I used to hang out when my friend, Amber, was with him, but not since Misty moved in. Ronald doesn’t like me, and to Misty, obviously Ronald is more important.”

Prevatt says Misty can be two-faced, “pretending she’s a friend, but now she won’t talk to me. Detectives told me she said I was a ‘lying slut.’ They wanted to know if I was there (at the trailer) that night or if she told me anything, but I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened. I took a lie detector test and they told me I passed.

“Haleigh was cute, just like any other little kid. Misty said she felt like their Mom, but she wanted her own baby from Ronald…

“It’s all fucked up.”