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Subject It's time for us "workers to come Clean since time is short Feb 14th
Poster Handle REAL GLOW
Post Content
As many of you know the sat.collision was not as it seems. It was the beginning of you know what.

I now call all workers that have been assigned here to come clean. As us "workers" know we only have 2 days left and we will be out of a job. If we all spill the small parts that we know we can get the entire picture.

For those of you that do not understand we "the workers" are only told information needed to support our job. My was entitled "the boy who cried wolf" my job was to make no one believe anything that is written here. What I do know is that February 14th is the day. If the other "workers" spill what they know we can figure out what is planned for the 14th.
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