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Message Subject Nothing is true, Everything is permitted...
Poster Handle The Psychedelic Magi
Post Content
I finally have come to a small understanding of the phrase, "Nothing is true, everything is permitted".

It does not mean that there is no such thing as Truth, for it is obvious to any that there is a Truth - otherwise the very phrase would have no meaning in itself.

Rather, its point is that this reality before you and the way you view it are allowed by you.

This is not an obvious thing to all, but all do practice it.

Some have to find a way to permit themselves a change in reality, i.e. - going to the dentist to fix your teeth, taking drugs to change your mode of awareness, etc...

But, there are those who do realize and understand this, and they simply permit themselves without a way other than in permission.

Shamans healing others. Yeshua changing water to wine and curing the blind. etcetera.

One must first realize... And then they must learn to understand.
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