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Message Subject Nothing is true, Everything is permitted...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I finally have come to a small understanding of the phrase, "Nothing is true, everything is permitted".

It does not mean that there is no such thing as Truth, for it is obvious to any that there is a Truth - otherwise the very phrase would have no meaning in itself.

Rather, its point is that this reality before you and the way you view it are allowed by you.

This is not an obvious thing to all, but all do practice it.

Some have to find a way to permit themselves a change in reality, i.e. - going to the dentist to fix your teeth, taking drugs to change your mode of awareness, etc...

But, there are those who do realize and understand this, and they simply permit themselves without a way other than in permission.

Shamans healing others. Yeshua changing water to wine and curing the blind. etcetera.

One must first realize... And then they must learn to understand.
 Quoting: The Psychedelic Magi

I pretty much agree. The very phrase "nothing is true, everything is permitted" is somewhat of a paradox. my mom found it on my drum machine years ago and asked me, "well what about my love for you? is that not true?"

it really made me think. as much as i "hate" my family for their status quo lifestyle, i absolutely love them for being so tolerant of me and for the love and support they've offered even though my whole purpose for living is antithetical to much of what they consider sacred. but still, coming from my 'mommy', the point hit home - i agree that 'nothing is true,' but in another sense, that means truth is only what we make of it. there is no absolute "truth" or "permission" or even good/evil. its all in the perception. like the old cliche one man's freedom fighter is another's terrorist.i feel that is very true (or equally untrue!) whatever side you fall on. i would support terrorists whether they fight the right or the left, so long as they are fighting against government (enemy of humanity) and for freedom. then again, if they were fighting to impose a religious dogma on people, then i would see them as enemies, even if they are killing people like fundie christians with whom i generally disagree with.

nothing is true. everything is permitted.

for someone who doesn't believe in belief (except as a tool to be used, adapted and discarded at will) that is one of the few things i choose to consider an absolute in my world view. but it is tempered by another "law" that i respect above all others. a pair of laws actually, each of which is influenced by the other:

do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

love is the law,love under will.

what seems to be a contradiction of two laws is resolved by the fact that "what thou wilt" can be nothing but love, if you think a grand cosmic scale. your love is your driving pasion in life, and you can do nothing but follow it - but many people caught up in the laws of society ignore this basic law, deny their dreams, and thus suffer the inevitable diseases, depression, tragedy, calamity, etc.

Informing the Law (which may appear two fold but by its nature is really just two aspects of one law) is the maxim that "every man and woman is a star." this means that we all have our own orbits, and while we may interact in various positive and negative ways with other celestial bodies, we are more or less always on the right track. the only "sin" then is to interfere with another- by swerving so far out of orbit that you knock someone AGAINST THEIR WILL out of their orbit. it is really the golden rule - do unto others as you would have done unto you. that doesn't mean make others do what you want them to do - it means give them the same freedoms you would want yourself.

and so, in a perfect world - one not programmed by years of state and church to rely on authority - the only sin would be that of interfering with another's will. and if we all could follow our own wills without fear of interference and retaliation (as we currently suffer from the control machine) then i think we would find ourselves in natural harmony much like that of the planets around the universe. sure, there might be the occasional turbulence or rare collision, but in most cases, we would all "live and let live" which is maybe the most succint law of all.

the ONLY crime is that which restricts an individual's complete and total freedom. by this definition, crime would include things like murder and rape - in which the victim is helplessly subjected to another's will - but would not include things just as a justified vengeance (your perpetrator enemy could not subjugate another indvidual's free will unless ready to take the consequences - karma demands it) , any consensual sexual acts between any humans, any kind of demonstration which takes place on public property, any kind of artistic expression however violent or obscene even it if is termed "hateful" (which is basically a blanket excuse against anyone who dissents against anything.)

I'm basically riffing on the idea that government is a fiction and that we should be better without it - however, due to thousands of years of conditioning to accept the state, church, etc, most people WOULD descend into violence and madness in the warm arms of big brother government were taken away. we've been programmed to think that martial law leads to anarchy which leads to rioting, looting, killing, etc. It doesn't have to be that way. Whatever your political or religious beliefs, it doesn't matter, we should all join together as free and sovereign individuals, regardless of sex or race or religion or all the other divisive divide-and-conquer strategies they use against us. We all are humans. A government is not a person - it is a construct built to control people. If you want to be a patriot, love your land and love your people - but spare no love for what you call the state or nation; they the slavemasters of everything and everyone you hold dear. It is a sad fact of America that patriotism has often become associated with loving our slave masters.

EVERY LAW and EVERY GOVERNMENT upon the face of this globe is hereby declared invalid. As Bob Marley said, every government on the face of this earth is illegal , every law is illegal.
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