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Message Subject Nothing is true, Everything is permitted...
Poster Handle The Psychedelic Magi
Post Content
It's funny that, I haven't been here much lately but I been thinking all week about this very thing.

How "reality" might be perceived as fluid or dreamlike and only as real as it is because of the merit you give to it.
It's as real as your mind wants it to be.
It's hard to explain.

As far as the truth goes I concluded I no longer want to be seeking the truth, I want to be smack bang in the middle of it.

All part of the reason.

I also though it's a quirky notion to believe that the past is the past and cannot be changed but the future, now that you can change.
Which in a way would mean that reality is a ongoing creation being made up as we go along.
Therefore not real but being brought into existence or awareness and then taken to be reality.

 Quoting: Slartybartfast

interesting perspective.

Then again, maybe the past and future are fundamentally the same in comparison to the present.

Like, the whole time is a solid object, and we are going thru several cut-out images of each layer... And it is all in reality fluid, it could all be changed at any moment.

As bill hicks said, it is only a choice.
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