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Message Subject Nothing is true, Everything is permitted...
Poster Handle Slartybartfast
Post Content
The less you try to "nail" things down and label them, the more you see them for their true natures. It's funny that when a person is unattached from defining the world, interesting and syncronistic event occur.

The more a person tries to lock into a pre-programmed responses, the duller and grayer the world looks. That's because things are never static. Nature is always changing. Seasons change. Birth, growth, decay, rebirth are all living examples of the alchemical process and transmutation from one thing to another.
 Quoting: Hypatia

Strange things (syncs, signs)are happening all the time (yes ok, to me personally as well) but defining,questioning reality, looking deeper, is exactly what helps you to understand all things better and get a proper grip, to detach.(EDIT: I just realised that was a funny way to get a grip, become detached, perhaps that is reality, you could be right Hypatia.)
Another though was never stop questioning.

Your going through this reality, living it, like it or not, it's up to you to decide ,do you want to go through it happy or miserable?
Might as well choose the former because in the end all is dust and it's happening to you, like it or not.
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