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Message Subject Nothing is true, Everything is permitted...
Poster Handle The Psychedelic Magi
Post Content
The less you try to "nail" things down and label them, the more you see them for their true natures. It's funny that when a person is unattached from defining the world, interesting and syncronistic event occur.

The more a person tries to lock into a pre-programmed responses, the duller and grayer the world looks. That's because things are never static. Nature is always changing. Seasons change. Birth, growth, decay, rebirth are all living examples of the alchemical process and transmutation from one thing to another.
 Quoting: Hypatia

not to nail things down... but you just nailed it!

Somehow I think the cornerstone that the builders rejected comes into this. Where do we start from? What is the end? You have to know the beginning. Not the circle of the snake eating its tail, but the circle appears a circle from one direction, but from the right angle you can see it is a spiral.

So if possible, One thing Is True, Not everything is permitted would be the guiding form. I think we have it wrong so many years because we ultimately reject Truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 97986

Very true. Ride the spiral to the "end", you may just go where no one's been, in the words of maynard.

"oh oh the stone that the builders refused, shall always be the head cornerstone... you're a builder baby, and here i am a stone" - Bob Marley

What is Love?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 97986

I'm not quite sure of its full extent... i've meditated on it much and it always shows new things. maybe that's where it all comes from? Love, and it is neverending, ever expanding.
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