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Message Subject Nothing is true, Everything is permitted...
Poster Handle The Psychedelic Magi
Post Content
That permission part in the op magi, super.

One thing I'm sure of is that the global reality that has been created is absolute bullshit.

Detaching from and zoning into the one that you have created, which would be a better form of reality would be the trick hey.

Give permission only to your own sense of reality.

That is when things are more real.

Good one.
 Quoting: Slartybartfast

Point, aim, fire, target down!

reality is personal, it may be shared, but in all truth it is up to the individual

Any further thoughts on why it is hard for you to live in love?
 Quoting: Slartybartfast

i think the hardest part is coming to acceptance of the fact that it is mostly not reciprocated.

That is hard.

It's like turning the other cheek only to have it struck and so you must offer again the first and then turn the other and then the other and so on.

it's a constant fight, and regardless of whether or not i'm winning, i'm getting my ass kicked chuckle

Perhaps something you thought was good for you or helping is putting a block on?
 Quoting: Slartybartfast

yes an no...

I have a LOT of maturing to do. a LOT of learning. A LOT of acceptance and forgiveness i must give.

that's what it is, GIVING.

and that is a very hard thing to do.
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