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Subject Evolution is impossible
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Look at something as complex as the human eye. It works perfectly as a means of sensory information entering the body, and being processes, then stored by the body.

This could not possibly be the result of random permutations over millions of years.

Look at all the creatures in nature - if evolution was how we arrived where we are today, there would be millions of other species still 'evolving'.

DNA is akin to a computer coding system. It has an intelligent design behind it; why do some people still insist that we evolved from gelatenaous goo over millions of years?

Anyone who really thinks about it can see we are not just random lifeforms that happen to 'work'. We have been designed, as a car designer tunes, perfects and refines a car when he designs it.

I think the truth is, that there is variation in all species, but ultimately, our blueprint has been determined by the DNA structure/sequence inside us.

There is plenty of variation between humans - black, white, ginger, chinese, asian, tall, small, attractive, ugly, fat, thin, intelligent, dumb.... the list goes on.

The 'weaker' variations no longer die out, as we do not live as hunter-gatherers anymore.

I don't think Darwin had it quite right.
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