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Message Subject Evolution is impossible
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are two questions:

1) If there is a God, who created God?
2) Where did the first atom come from?

The point here is, there are things that you people will never figure out.
Here is where I am at: the Bible, however it came about, is a good “owners manual”, so to speak. It defines good and evil and outlines freedom.

Just know there are evil people on this planet that are using their law against you.
They have taken you away from the Biblical law and have taken advantage of you.

Anything else you pursue is mindless chatter.


More on your freedom Thread: Human Capital
 Quoting: Lawman

the bible also tells you to stfu and obey your goverment, i guess you forgot that part ROMANS 13, k now that i got that out of the way.

your second point... you ask that question why? there r many explantions and they actually make since instead of your bible crap, how about you check out the latest on M theory? rather then being happy with what you THINK you know and calling it a day. ( or in your case calling it a LIFE)
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