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MONEY MASTER 3-1/2 hour video clip *sucks*,,, and besides,, its FALSE and misleading every American. (Minus 1% Elites)

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02/16/2009 02:00 PM
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MONEY MASTER 3-1/2 hour video clip *sucks*,,, and besides,, its FALSE and misleading every American. (Minus 1% Elites)
Misleading you that when the shit hits the fan the blame will be diverted to the Federal Reverse with the indoctrinated propaganda that the abandonment on this system is inevitable only to be replaced with the same exact system minus the propaganda-lie that new system isn't privately owned. And another generation fooled, once again!!!

Just like so many other Central Banks the USA closed with same propaganda that it was owned by private holders [The First Bank of the United States -- Bank of North America -- Bank of England](50:30) now also today's Federal Reserve carries the same PROPAGANDA used then to bail-out when the Public became too enslaved with debt and revolt began to brew, those Americans were appeased that a new Banking system replaced the old one, and just like the same propaganda FOOLED that generation of Americans you too will be FOOLED, make no mistake, YOU are FOOLS!!!!!

Money Master video PROPAGANDA clip.
[link to video.google.com]

The federal reserve isn't privately owned, if it was, then the owners could easily deny Obama the 787 billion dollars for his so-called rescue package on the merits that the USA economy is faulting in employment and won't be able to pay the lenders back. But no matter how much money is demanded by the US governmet they seem to get it.

Question: "Where are the private owners of the Fed Res getting this money?"

If the US government isn't paying back the previous loans where are these private holders of the Fed's getting more money to lend-out?

- Why are foreign Countries so trusting towards these private owners and hold the US dollar in their reserve?

- Who is printing the currencies of foreign countries?

- Do the Chinese also have private owners of their central bank?

- Does Russia and Europe have private owners printing their currency too?


Its a LIE, the central bank of every country is owned by their government, no different for the USA, only the United States government is owned by the Country who founded the new World -- England!.

- Did you ever stop to wonder why every war the USA is involved England somehow gets involved?

- Did you ever wonder why during WWII the USA had to help England along with the rest of her Commonwealth?

- Did you ever wonder why the USA must support Israel after England created the little country from its occupied Palestinian territory? (1932-1946)

ENGLAND OWNS AMERICA, ALWAYS HAS, ALWAYS WILL. "Dominion over palm and pine"

Two reasons why the National debt keeps going up.

1) The Elites running America take from the Reserve in the form of tax-cuts and bailouts.

2) The Queen's taxes must be paid annually --- no questions asked!!!!

That's why more and more money gets printed, after our government pays England from our collected taxes and help themselves to tax-cuts and bailouts in an effort of keeping their wealth at par from the devaluing dollar there is not enough money left to run the country and therefore must resort to printing money.

The proof is in your history books but I'll use the propaganda video because it quotes American history. In 1811 President James Madison was in the White House and opposed England and its Federal Reserve Bank (1st-BofUS 57:00), the renewal bill of the Reserve was voted out by a single vote (vice-president) George Clinton, 5 months later the English attack in the War of 1812.

ENGLAND OWNS AMERICA, ALWAYS HAS, ALWAYS WILL. "Dominion over palm and pine"