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Hal Turner: "I'm Gonna start a Race Riot tomorrow"

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 331956
United States
02/20/2009 08:59 PM
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Hal Turner: "I'm Gonna start a Race Riot tomorrow"
As many of you are now aware, on Wednesday "The New York Post" newspaper ran the cartoon below which race-hustling, poverty pimp Al Sharpton immediately seized upon.

On Thursday, Sharpton and his crew protested in front of the New York Post. The protest grew today, Friday and will reportedly get HUGE tomorrow.

I plan to attend the protest with a bag of bananas to throw at Sharpton and the other chimps that gather around with him. I figure this ought to immediately set off a race riot.

I am quite prepared to be arrested for incitement to riot but intend to do it anyway.

Look for it on the news tomorrow.

[link to halturnershow.blogspot.com]