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Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/24/2009 12:42 PM
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Following the undemocratic banning at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa joins in banning the display. (See THIS post and THIS one) The following is a Call to Action….

University of Ottawa Bans Israeli Apartheid Week Poster
Call to Action
On February 20, 2009, the University of Ottawa became the second Ottawa
administration to ban the posters of Israeli Apartheid Week 2009, following
the lead of Carleton University in a blatant violation of free expression
for students speaking out on human rights. Like Carleton University's
administration, the University of Ottawa's Communications Office used
spurious "human rights" claims to ban the poster. The Communications
Office's short communique to Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights reads:

"A poster from the campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights has
recently come to the attention of the Communications Office. All posters
approved by the Communications Office must promote a campus culture where
all members of the community can play a part in a declaration of human
rights recognizing the inherent dignity and equal rights of all students.
Consequently, we will not place this particular poster on our campus

Please view the poster here:
[link to www.apartheidweek.org]

This curt note notably fails to explain how the poster by noted cartoonist
Carlos Latuff, depicting an Israeli attack helicopter (labeled "Israel")
firing a missile at a Palestinian child (labeled "Gaza"), does not
"recognize the inherent dignity and equal rights of all students". In fact,
the banning of the poster is a failure to recognize the dignity and equal
rights of Palestinian students and those who seek to expose the violations
of human rights of Palestinians.

The poster is symbolic but it also depicts a factual situation. 430 children
were killed by the Israeli military in its latest attack on Gaza. It seems
that according to a growing number of campus administrations, depicting
these killings on a poster is some kind of human rights violation, while the
killings themselves, or the bombing of a University in Gaza, are not
(neither campus administration condemned the killings of civilians or the
bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza).

In contrast to these campus administrations, the movement for Palestinian
human rights is at the forefront of the struggle to recognize the inherent
dignity and equal rights of all students, and indeed, all people. As the
students at Carleton wrote when the poster was banned on their campus, "the
campaign is proudly anti-racist, and founded on the principles of opposition
to all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. It draws its
inspiration from the global campaign to end South African apartheid and is
led by many of the same individuals who were at the forefront of that
earlier struggle."

We present the same demands to the University of Ottawa as the students at
Carleton University demanded of their administration:

1. Immediately lift the ban on the Israeli Apartheid Week poster and
publicly apologize for the banning.

2. Explain, publicly and precisely, how the profound error of banning the
poster was made and address how to prevent such violations from occurring in

3. Sponsor a full public debate--ensuring generous access to the entire
university community--on the University of Ottawa's position on the proposed
institutional boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

4. Appoint a university/community Commission to investigate the record of
the University in relation to democratic discourse and equity around issues
of Palestine solidarity.

We call on student organizations, social justice groups and concerned
individuals around the world to support students at the University of Ottawa
and the broader fight for freedom of expression.


It's these truth seeking folks, the anti-ISRAELI Apartheid
activists, who are now a cog in the wheel of the NWO
crowd, and must be stopped - the TRUTH BE DAMNED!

[link to desertpeace.wordpress.com]

User ID: 609073
02/24/2009 12:50 PM
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See How Pernicious the Pro Israel lobby is?
Call for Peace with Palestine, criticize Israel and your BANNED. Sad to say that even in Canada the Semite Lobby is extremely effective and powerful.
DEBATE is and should be FREE..Unpopular positions KKK and others have a right to speak and be heard. We can then respond with scorn and ridicule but they have been given the chance to speak.
These schools are being brought to heel by the lobby groups which support Israel pure and simple. The Debate about the APARTHEID SYSTEM IN ISRAEL NEEDS TO HAPPEN its being hidden and kept out of scrutiny because its INDEFENSIBLE ISRAEL is acting in a manner that is wholly undemocratic and racist.
These people who cry anti semite and expect us to fold and cave in response.
Sorry Zionist tactics..they have been working but for how much longer?
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