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The Identity of the Anti-Christ

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02/26/2009 10:14 PM
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The Identity of the Anti-Christ
Many have tried to suggest it was one person or another...many believe it will never come to pass. If you follow the clues it was ALWAYS the Vatican. They have, above anyone, perverted the meaning of the word of Christ (whether he was real or not, the meaning of the word was a strong message of peace and love) and have murdered, raped, and perverted the word of God and any good that he was trying to bring to this world. If one believes this.....the only question then is what does the number of the Beast, a human number, 666, and its mark actually represent? Perhaps it simply means if you CHOOSE the Catholic Church and its ways over the TRUE meaning of the word of God or the Christ even if the truth is presented to you for choice, then you have chosen the path AGAINST God.

Just my thoughts...I am not a religious person...however I have recently decided that I believe in God as an Omnipotent Universal Soul and Creator, and an Afterlife....based on things that happened to me.