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Message Subject The Truth About Women (unknown author) Pure gold
Poster Handle Cynical Mind
Post Content
LOL. Men who think they know women!!! Hysterical.

The writer of this piece might be getting laid, but he's getting laid by the easy girls, the bottom of the barrel, who make up a small faction of women.

He's creating his own paradigm by targeting these type of girls, who are easy to spot.

There are vast more women with integrity, who are beautiful and secure, than there are woman with low morals looking to get laid.

Men can be such imbeciles. Women can be loose.

But not all are either.

By the way, there are far more male sluts than women sluts.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 577684


Perhaps we should narrow it down a bit.

The Truth About AMERICAN Women (unknown author) Pure gold

Face it: most American women are trash, no contest. They're not even worth looking in the direction of, much less actually talking to them.

I shoot 'em down... and if they come back... I shoot 'em down again.

Ruthlessness is the only way to live in this world.
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