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Message Subject The Truth About Women (unknown author) Pure gold
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And I'm the woman assholes like you want but never get. I see beyond the facade; that drives men like you nuts, and leaves you preying on the weaker members of my sex.

Smart women pay attention and have watched the Mystery Method. It's understandable when the shy ones use it, but it's being used by "assholes" such as yourself all the time -- and I find that pathetic.

The man in the article brags about how many women he can get -- oooooh what an accomplishment. I can, right now, walk into any bar/restaurant/mall/etc. and leave with any man in there, and yet I don't abuse that "power." Why? Respect for myself and respect for others.

Real men respect boundaries, such as relationships. Users are out for whatever they can pathetically get. Yeah, great "accomplishment." LMAO.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 517558


>>And the crowd cheers<<

It's easy to get laid over and over again. It's easy to cheat and lie.

Both sexes do it to equal measure.

The crem de la crem, however, do not.

So those of you complaining simply cannot attract a good mate.
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