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Message Subject The Truth About Women (unknown author) Pure gold
Poster Handle entropy
Post Content
This article doesn't add up. This dude is putting down women who will cheat on a man. However, if he knows she is with someone and he's doing it then he is just as guilty! That's brotherly love for ya.

Guilty of what being single? or exposing most women for being disloyal?

What woman wouldn't cheat if some guy came up to them saying that he was a rich businessman or professional footballer? very few I'd imagine...

What MAN wouldn't cheat if some woman came up to them saying that he was a rich businesswoman or professional cheer leader? very few I'd imagine...
 Quoting: BuckWild 603147

I wouldn't. I haven't and I have been there. Never married though. Guess after seeing so much in a short period of time I wised up early. Modern girls aren't worth trying to start relationships with. Your point is proof.( Unless they are just physical ones.)
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