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Message Subject The Truth About Women (unknown author) Pure gold
Poster Handle sindywoow
Post Content
Bad men can lure women when they are weak. They appeal to their longing for intimacy.

These men end up lonely losers.

I will be having dinner, on Sunday, with my four lovely daughters and their respective partners.

They are all in their 20s. It will be really good fun. My husband of 29 years and the father of all my children will cook.

He loves to make a large spread for them all. It takes him about 2 hours. I help with peeling veg.

We carry on until late in the evening, playing board games.

This happens every Sunday.

We are looking forward to the future and grandchildren.

Where will the man, who chases women, be when he is in his 50s?

Still chasing 20 or 30 something women, hoping to sneak into their beds and going home alone to an empty flat?

What about when he is in his 70s and 80s? Will anybody visit him or call him on the phone?

Will the viagra still work then?
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