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Message Subject The Truth About Women (unknown author) Pure gold
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Actually reading this much of what was said is true. However I have a different perspective.

Times have changed, and its much easier now to get laid. My GF is 18 years younger than I am.

There are a shortage of eligible men, especially in large cities, women have a hard time meeting men they really want to go out with.

That being said. I don't respect women who only want sex, I want more. And most women I meet aren't really capable of more. So I get bored with them right away.

I don't usually go for younger women because there is too much chance of getting caught with an unwanted pregnancy, and moving into child support jail.

So I prefer women, who don't want kids, and have something going for themselves outside of a relationship. I count on them being dis loyal, that pretty much is the rule.

Women like the excitement of illicit sex, because it heightens their emotions, so married women who cheat are easy to find, but problematical because you can't always have them when you need them, and there is always the problem of breaking up families, which I find distasteful. When I was younger, I didn't have a problem with this, now I have learned from experience to avoid, the drama.

All it really takes is being comfortable talking to them, normally and being a friend. And you will get in.. They want intimacy more then men, their whole lives revolve around it.....

I prefer just having one at at time... Otherwise its just too much work.. Women can be so needy emotionally.
 Quoting: B Flat

You are a truly horrible person.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75211114

If you're a slut, too, honey, just remember that its girls like you that make this guy possible.
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