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Message Subject The HIV AIDS Hoax is World-wide Eugenics
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

it's a case of smoke and mirrors.

Take Africa first. We used to see pictures of skinny Africans since the 60's and 70's (at least) for charities asking for money. Then, in the 80's we see pictures of skinny Africans, and suddenly it's a sex plague? Did you know that only 2% of Africans that are said to have AIDS have ever had the luxury of an actual HIV test? Could it be that old diseases are getting renamed as AIDS and money flows into countries that say that have lots and lots of AIDS, and that money doesn't get to the people who need it. And even when it "does" get to the people, they're given horrible drugs, when the thing they probably need most is clean drinking water, food and basic antibiotics.

Now, let's look at gay men. I was definitely "out and about" in the early 80's. I saw what gay men were doing to their bodies. AND I was also there in college when the first cases of GRID were discussed in the gay community (GRID morphed into AIDS). GRID was thought to be due to some very obvious things we gay men were doing to our bodies at the time, like incredible amounts of drugs, antibiotics (for all the STDs that were occurring from way way too much sex). But, the virus hunters at the CDC couldn't let this be a problem of toxicology. No. AIDS was invented, not the "virus", but AIDS. All anybody had to do was find people who were either sick or healthy and then "treat" them with some pretty scary drugs back then, especially antifungals and antibiotics. Then, when people's immune systems began to break down, they had a "virus" to conveniently blame. But, Gallo never proved his case...first that he had successfully isolated a causative agent, and that this agent actually did ANYTHING.

I've had friends die, and they went to their deathbeds believing a virus was to blame, when they were mercilessly drugged to death with high-dose AZT. It's no wonder their bodies gave out. That stuff IS deadly.

But, you've got to want to research this, and open your mind that what you see on the surface may not be the truth. Hey, think about THIS...the drug companies make BILLIONS off of AIDS drugs every year. Sound like a racket?
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