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Message Subject The HIV AIDS Hoax is World-wide Eugenics
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Truth: HIV has never been isolated. We have a lot of nice pictures of a theoretical virus, but not the actual virus itself.

Truth: The drugs that we give the person with the suspected HIV virus actually kills the person (or kills the immune system which ultimately leads to the death of the person).

Truth: Anyone with elevated stress levels can test positive for HIV (which is just about everyone today).

Check out these videos for more info:
[link to www.truthforlifeforum.com]
[link to www.truthforlifeforum.com]
 Quoting: BRING THE DOOM 335284

All AIDS denialist "facts" are anywhere from 20-30 years old. Are you still using an Apple II to post on GLP? No?! Then get current fucking data while you're at it.
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