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Message Subject The HIV AIDS Hoax is World-wide Eugenics
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Truth: HIV has never been isolated. We have a lot of nice pictures of a theoretical virus, but not the actual virus itself.

Truth: The drugs that we give the person with the suspected HIV virus actually kills the person (or kills the immune system which ultimately leads to the death of the person).

Truth: Anyone with elevated stress levels can test positive for HIV (which is just about everyone today).

SO DOES CHEMOTHERAPY FOR "CANCER"....See any similarities??????????????

**That was a HINT!**
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 573519

People who normally are quite suspect of the motives of our FOR PROFIT medical industry tend to have a very difficult time (at best) considering that perhaps all is not what it appears to be with HIV/AIDS.

But, there it is...sticking out like a sore thumb for nearly 30 years, and billions and billions of dollars thrown at it with nothing to show except that people aren't dying as quickly as they used to (they also AREN'T given high-dose AZT anymore...you do the math).

Drug company criticisms go out the window with HIV/AIDS and are instead replaced with haloes over their corporate heads. Gays and blacks are stigmatized, then drugged, and everybody is happy with that.

Why is it that HIV knows where all the black people live? It's like it can find them, no matter what continent they're in. Pretty smart little bugger, wouldn't you say?

Anyway...if people have even an inkling of curiousity and open minds, there's plenty of resources out there. Is HIV/AIDS a scam? I don't know. Is anybody making lots of money off of it? Nah...those drug companies do it out of altruism, same with the doctors at the top of the ladder. Nope, no conspiracy here!
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