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Message Subject The HIV AIDS Hoax is World-wide Eugenics
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I believe the evidence is clear that HIV causes AIDS.

But I also believe that HIV, as it were, was manufactured in a US Army lab. I was in the Army in 1990, stationed at Fort Benning, and was in the library killing time. I came across an old (mid-70's) copy of an Army chem and bio warfare journal. In it, the authors were postulating that "green monkey virus" could be a potent bio-weapon if engineered to infect humans.

I don't remember the specifics, but it was chilling reading the article since AIDS had been a part of our reality for nearly 10 years at that point.

Since then, I have come to learn that indeed the US Army requested funding in the early 70's for research on retroviruses and specifically green monkey virus - let's be clear - the Army wanted and was researching the type of virus that later came to be known as HIV. So one of two things happened.

Either A)the Army wanted such a virus, sought and received funding to develop such a virus (at the same time that Kissinger and ZBig were developing policies to deal with "the population bomb"), but nature beat the USA to the punch, or B) the US Army succeeded in their development of the virus, and either intentionally or unintentionally spawned the HIV epidemic.

The second scenario seems more probable to me.

Especially when you take into account other oddities, like the nearly spontaneous incubation of four different stands of the HIV virus in very divergent populations and on different continents.

I mean we're supposed to believe that different strains of the virus exploded into the population in the mid seventies in Africa, New York, and LA? All because of a horny airline steward? In all these years, then, why hasn't the strain of virus that predominates in Africa, and is much more easily transmitted heterosexually, become dominant on US shores?

In the black community there is widespread fear that HIV was manufactured to specifically target Africans, gays, and other undesirables - The truth is, I think they are absolutely right. HIV is genocide on a massive scale.

Just as Willie Brown was warned 8 hours before 911 to not fly, I am sure prominent blacks have been "clued in" as to the real origin and purpose of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

We can do all we can to help people with AIDS - but the nightmare will not end until the truth comes out, and the US commits the resources necessary to undo the damage they've caused (but that is about as likely as war reparations to the Vietnamese by Dow chemical).
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