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The China, Hillary, Eminent Domain story..Did she sell out America?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 627580
United States
03/03/2009 11:05 PM
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The China, Hillary, Eminent Domain story..Did she sell out America?
The SPIN MACHINE is now in full disaster-control mode over my Eminent Domain story
On February 28 at 12:54 PM EST, I published a story reporting that on her recent trip to China, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brought with her a written agreement from the US Government which grants to the People's Republic of China, an option to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China's continued purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves!

The story reported that if the U.S. government defaulted on its debts to China, the Chinese would be able to exercise their option and "take" physical property inside the USA.

You can read my original story Here

The story also quoted Bloomberg Business News which reported the Chinese had been balking at buying more U.S. Debt and "wanted guarantees for future investments in US debt." You can read that Bloomberg Story Here

My story instantly struck a nerve with the American people. Americans became enraged at the notion this was happening and they started asking questions.Within hours, the report was reproduced on LiveLeak and a host of other web sites throughout the nation. In common parlance, it went viral.

On Monday, March 2, the damage-control SPIN went into high gear. The useful idiots at WorldNet Daily, ever anxious to protect their White House Press Credentials, did a story on this subject and reported that someone in the US State Department says the story has no basis in fact.

Next, the dingbats at SNOPES.com reported my story was "false" . . . . . . and used as their logic the fact that no other media outlet has reported this. So. . . . . . if I'm the first to report it, and no one other than me reports it. . . that somehow makes it untrue? How's that for circular logic?
They then went on to smear me as having fabricated the story.

Remember too that the Mikkelsons who run SNOPES.com are members of the same Oy Vey tribe that brought us the whole financial mess in the first place. The oy vey crowd "would never lie" to protect the financial interests of their fellow tribe members, would they? Yea. Right.

I stand-by my report.

Lets look at the irrefutable facts:
1) Did Hillary go to China?

2) Was the subject of China purchasing more US debt a big part of Hillary's trip?

3) Did the Chinese make it known they wanted "Guarantees" for their investments as reported by Bloomberg Business News?

4) Does the US Government have the power of Eminent Domain?
Yes (US Constitution, Fifth Amendment)

5) Can states limit the federal power of Eminent Domain?
No [Court proof and definitions Here]

6) Can the federal government grant to a private or outside party, an aspect of federal power?
YES (The Federal Reserve Act is one major example, which granted the federal power to issue money to the privately owned federal reserve)

7) DO I have any financial interest whatsoever in reporting this story?
NO (No ads run on this blog and it derives no revenue at all)

8) Does the government have EVERY financial interest in denying this story?

Now, if those irrefutable facts don't convince you, how about the following congressional vote:

House Vote:

[link to rules-republicans.house.gov]
H.R. 1105 Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009

February 24, 2009

H.R. 1105 Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009
Managers: McGovern / Sessions

Motion offered by Foxx
To make in order and provide the appropriate waivers for amendment #6, offered by Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA), which would prevent funds in the bill from being used to exercise the power of eminent domain to take private property from a private entity and give that property to another private entity, while exempting certain enumerated uses, such as highways, prisons, public utilities, and in cases of national emergencies or national disasters declared by the President.

Defeated 4 to 7*

So, if you had any doubt, Congress knew what the administration was planning and when a Republican tried to insert an Amendment to the federal spending Bill to specifically PREVENT the use of Eminent Domain, the Amendment was DEFEATED. Congress knows what the administration is doing with China / Eminent Domain and they clearly intend to let it happen.
I reported; you decide

I cannot make you believe anything. I trust you to use your common sense. The feds are snakes and we all know it. They are desperate for money and we all know it. The feds know that my report will drive a stake through the heart of their supply of foreign debt buyers and they are utterly desperate to stop my story dead in its tracks.

I do not "fabricate" stories. Never have. Never will.

My only desire is to protect the USA, a country I love. Spreading the truth as far and wide as I can is the best way to do it.

I stand-by my story.
Posted by HalTurnerShow.com
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 503234
United States
03/04/2009 11:21 AM
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Re: The China, Hillary, Eminent Domain story..Did she sell out America?
The US Gov't goes belly-up and China comes in and says, "they owed us $700 Billion in Treasury Notes and another $2 Trillion in actual cash money which is now worthless. We are taking the entire state of Hawaii and the entire state of California in lieu of this bad debt. "

With the stroke of a Chinese chop stick, Hawaii and California -- all the land and buildings in those states -- are now owned by China.

The "taking" would be a "valid public use" because it was "taken" in payment of the public debt!!!!

China could then turn around and declare the value of all that land to be worth. . . . . I dunno, ten cents on a dollar?

If you own a $200,000 house in either state, you get a Chinese check for $20,000.