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Subject Psycho Casey Anthony collected pictures of skeletons kissing, embracing, after Caylee went missing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Anthony Had Pictures of Kissing Skeletons After Caylee Disappeared, Documents Show
Saturday, March 07, 2009

In the weeks after her 2-year-old daughter Caylee's disappearance, Orlando mother Casey Anthony apparently collected photos of skulls and sketches of skeletons kissing, newly released police documents show.

Also found in her computer files was a picture of Caylee with a heart sticker similar to the one found with the child's remains in December, authorities said.

The images of skulls and embracing skeletons are indicative of Anthony's morbid state of mind, said a psychoanalyst interviewed in the case.

"The skulls, their kissing and their embracing shows ... a glorification and a romanticization of death and gore," said Dr. Bethany Marshall, according to the papers.

Click here for photos.

The interviews and photos were among 1,100 pages released this week by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, which is leading the investigation.

The sheriff's department has followed the unusual strategy of periodically publicizing thousands of pages of evidence documents in the case before it has gone to trial.

Anthony, 22, is in prison charged with first-degree murder and other offenses in the killing of her little girl.

Caylee Anthony disappeared last June but wasn't reported missing for about a month by her family. A utility worker found her skull, bones and other belongings in a plastic bag in a wooded area about a half-mile from the Anthonys' home.

Casey Anthony has said she last saw her daughter when she left her with a baby sitter named Zenaida Gonzalez whom she says apparently kidnapped the girl. Police have said that story is a lie and no such sitter exists.

The documents also show that Anthony's then-boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro wore a wiretap in the police investigation when talking with her brother Lee Anthony.

During the recorded conversations, Lee Anthony says his sister never mentioned a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez.

In an Oct. 14 interview with police, Casey Anthony tells detectives she is trying to evade the media, according to the transcript.

"Do you have any interest in helping us?" investigators ask her.

"I've had interest in helping law enforcement from the beginning," she replies. "Unfortunately, my hands were literally tied and I was put in a position where someone's trying to trick a confession out of me."

Later, she seems to make a slip when talking about whether she is guilty in her toddler daughter's disappearance, the documents show.

"I try to keep an open mind when it comes to things, but if I'm innocent, that's, that's as far as it goes," Anthony says. "I'll take this as far as I need to prove my innocence, which I guess is my point in all this."

Among other revelations contained in the just-released paperwork is an expert's analysis that Caylee's remains had been in the woods for at least four months before they were found.

Last week, authorities publicized other case papers outlining that evidence found on or near Caylee's remains are a match to items collected at the house where she lived with her mother and maternal grandparents.

Casey Anthony's murder trial is set to begin Oct. 12. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

[link to www.foxnews.com]
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