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snipers at work

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United States
03/08/2009 10:01 AM
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snipers at work
Googling "sniping' and came upon this example of
the kind of sniping many people deal with on a daily basis.

[link to www.officepolitics.com]
My comment:
In a job market like today, do people put up with far more of this?
>>... The interpersonal dynamics have always been great, but just recently I suspect a small clique has formed, with some flow-on effects to the rest of the office.

The difficulty for me is that the negative effects of this clique are fairly difficult to pin down. What’s alerted me to its existence is just a less collegial feeling within the office. One member of this clique in particular has a past history of behind-the-scenes sniping and negativity,<<

>>there aren’t really specific instances of work being affected or behavior being inappropriate.

I also feel that to be confrontational here might only fuel the psychology of the people involved - they’ll feel justified in their behavior by any sort of confrontation.<<

>> the negativity, with the “cliquees” simply saying what they thought was politically correct in the meeting, and then continuing to snipe in private.
In my experience, the “oxygen” of cliques is engaging in complaint.
Cliques thrive on a behind-the-scenes commentary on, “Can you believe how stupid/wrong/mean/lame that person/decision/department is?” By engaging in this dialogue the clique members feel superior and cooler/smarter than everybody else, and by doing it more and more they increase that feeling of superiority among themselves… however, in relation to everyone else, divisiveness and bad feeling ensue.<<

My comment:
In a job market like today, do people put up with far more of this?