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Schenectady, NY mayor considering martial law!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 638828
United States
03/23/2009 02:27 PM
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Schenectady, NY mayor considering martial law!
Posting end of article here:

Schenectady's Corporation Counsel John Van Norden said, "If you abolish the police department you still have a need - not an obligation - but a need to police the community. You would need something in transition. Declaring martial law would be one way to bridge the gap."

"It's a contrived scenario," said the mayor. "But it's not beyond the realm of possibilities if you go that particular route."

Chief Chaires said, "When I think of martial law, I think of rioting. I think of Watts riots and things like that. I haven't seen anything that rises to that level. I was a little surprised to hear that."

But whether the National Guard needs to be called in or not, we'll take a more-in-depth look on Thursday at the county-wide and State Police options, as officials try to deal with an unprecedented situation in unprecedented ways.

[link to capitalnews9.com]