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The creative power to succeed without society (or in a crumbling society)

Jon Rappoport
User ID: 74048
03/24/2009 03:45 PM
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The creative power to succeed without society (or in a crumbling society)
There is a circle of power that, over time, diminishes. I want to sketch out how this works.

The link or the force that holds the circle together is the individualís reliance on the society and what the society is doing or going through. This is a kind of glue that connects the destiny of the individual to the society.

***The individual perceives that power is rooted in the society, the culture, the community, the civilization. He sees this as a fact. Based on that, he seeks to find a place in the society, so he can derive a bit of that power for himself.

And he is not disappointed. If he can find a niche in the society, a role, a function, a job, a working relationship, he gains. It works. He has struck gold. He gives, and he gets back. He is plugged in. He labors, and he is rewarded.

His perception of where power lies is confirmed. He was right.

This orientation becomes more solid. Therefore, he is not going to betray the source of power. He was right, he won, and he is loyal.

But then comes a sea change. The society suddenly encounters trouble. Its stability is challenged. The economy, for example, wobbles. People are sinking. And the individualís perception is pressured. What happened to the ďfactĒ that society was the source of power? Was that wrong?

Was the original perception wrong?

That canít be.

But what to do now?

And the answer is: the society has to re-adjust its structure, so it can maintain itself as the Niagara. It has to give more. It has to give without stopping. It has to plug up the leaks of power.

Over time, these ups and downs of society---good times, bad times---erode the circle. Entropy seems to set in. A draining away of energy from the circle occurs.

More important, the perception of individuals that the society is the source of power also begins to erode.

BUT----if the individual is going to succeed in the widest terms possible, he is going to have to change that perception altogether. He is going to have to find another source of power.


If he somehow opts for HIMSELF, he is introduced to the idea of CREATION. CREATION COMING FROM HIM.

That idea, that sense, that conviction comes into the mix. It is the rising star.

And THAT is a gigantic shift. It makes everything different.

Still, there are mysteries and questions. How does the individual move out on his own and create what he truly wants---and somehow manage to live in a society? How can he prosper, for example, when he now realizes that society was a kind of cardboard illusion?

If the answers to these questions are not immediately forthcoming, should he abandon the search? Should he fall back on slogans and clichés? Should he give in and lose hope?

He is now undergoing a test. A test of the strength and durability of his own conviction. This is not a test being conducted by the society. This is an inner challenge.

And if the challenge is met and won, the individual is never the same. He now knows something new. He has come through the storm.


These are bedrock facts, against which all other ideas and notions are measured.

And as for the question, what do you truly want to create, you know the society has no answers for you. That is a good thing. That is what freedom is FOR. You, deciding the answer.

That circle is broken. You have moved outside it. That was the whole idea in the first place. :5:

JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com