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Identify Fellow Survivalist/Preppers

PA Guy
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United States
03/25/2009 11:14 PM
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Identify Fellow Survivalist/Preppers
How To Identify Fellow Survivalists/Preppers

A whole lot of people ask how we will know one another when TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI finally arrives. Many have cried out that we need a universal symbol, yet many avoid the topic through utter paranoia and declaration that then “they” will know how to identify us. Well, for the more sane of us I have come up with a few answers to these questions:

1)A survivalist/prepper will be very well organized to the extent that such organization skills are blatantly obvious.
2)A survivalist/prepper will be just as suspicious of you as you are them.
3)A survivalist/prepper will look vigilant when you meet them (unless they are obviously severely injured/sick)
4)A survivalist/prepper will likely be displaying some sort of flag outside their home whether it be the national flag, state flag, or American colonial era flag; this will either be an actual flag, a bumper sticker, sign, or even the actual color of their house/vehicle. The vast majority of survivalists/preppers are deeply “convicted” individuals (who are likely to display their convictions often in the form of patriotism or symbolic gesture). It is their “conviction” that drives them to be survivalist/preppers.
5)There is a very very good chance that a survivalist/prepper will be armed in some form or another.
6)A survivalist/prepper, although vigilant may look “distant” when you initially meet them as they are not as likely to “latch on” to others quickly being as how they are by nature, self-sufficient.
7)A survivalist/prepper will be respectful of you, your family, and your possessions, and they will quickly make you aware that they expect the same.
8)Should a survivalist/prepper actually be given any help or support they will show extreme gratitude for all that has been granted them as they are very aware of the precious nature of those things that might be granted to them by another having studied the topic of survivalism and emergency preparedness themselves.
9)A survivalist/prepper will never approach a stranger or strange household with their children. Anyone who approaches a stranger or strange household with their children is likely either stupid, suspicious, dangerous, very sick/injured, or highly ignorant and unprepared.
10)A survivalist/prepper attempting to make contact with others will not walk out into the open without making some sort of signal of “peace” (such as a white flag) readily recognizable. They might carry their firearm/weapon, but they would not point it in your direction unless provoked to do so.
11)A survivalist/prepper will not look like they belong in a shopping mall, are carrying credit cards, or are trying to meet some “social standard”. They will not have pants down to their knees, their face won't look like a tackle box, and they won't be walking around in sandals with their socks on.
12)You can recognize a survivalist/prepper by the types of books and movies they own. Do they even own a T.V.? Do they have a radio? How many radios?
13)Just look down. What sort of shoes are they wearing? If they are sneakers and not hikers or boots you can be pretty certain they are not a survivalist/prepper!
14)When they go into a store do they look like they know what they want? If they do, do they spend considerable time in that aisle debating over exactly “which” one of “that” they want?
15)Are there Post-it Notes, notes scribbled on paper, and “lists” lying around their house?
16)Is their pantry always stocked, their tank always above half full, and is their a fire extinguisher and first aid kit clearly visible in their home and/or vehicle?
17)Do they have a strong distrust of the government's ability to “provide for” or “sustain” them?
18)Do they appear to be a “Do It Yourself” type person? Do they take the initiative?

These are just a few ways to recognize a survivalist/prepper.

Now, if you are not the insane and paranoid type and you want to be able to recognize others when you see them then contribute to the debate for “symbols”. I would love to hear what you got to say, and perhaps we can come up with something.
strange fellow

User ID: 1496288
United Kingdom
09/21/2011 06:36 AM
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Re: Identify Fellow Survivalist/Preppers

This has been well thought out
Read a book- Dumbass
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