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Molecular Biology And Stem Cells

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/13/2009 05:24 PM
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Molecular Biology And Stem Cells
I was watching a Sci Fi episode last night staring Alan Thicke. He played a news caster discussing Molecular biology and a process a Molecular biologist would go through by using an accelerating regenerative agent to regenerate humans and also clone them. He even went into extra terrestrial regenerative agents. Why don't they just spit it out in these Sci Fi tv shows? An accelerating regenerative agent? Yeah! I laughed!!! I said they are talking about stem cells. I had a brilliant concept by the way they were discussing Molecular Biology and the process that they went through. It all made sense to me in a nut shell. I wish I could remember what the damn show was called. He had a Molecular biologist in the Shadow talking on his show and another person supporting this process. It makes sense to me!!!

They even said extra terrestrial regenerative agents. Yeah! Anunnaki stem cells, or reptilian stem cells. After they regenerate a human to be abundant in health. Perfect teeth,body,all organs perfect. After they see the subject perfect for a human they slowly would drain the humans blood while feeding them Reptilian or Anunnaki stem cells.

OMG! Think of the lucky bastard Biologist that get's to do this!!! All the science and studying of the bodies of Reptilians and Anunnaki and humans. You could make clones!

I had a hey day watching that show last night. My mind went into so many options I could of kicked myself for not going to school as much growing up. To think... I would snoop into my sisters anatomy,biology,and chemistry notes but I just didn't pay attention in class...

Wow! If anyone can remember what that show was please do tell, and wouldn't you think a process like that is not only happening in secret now but is possible???