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Message Subject Direct from a Confidential report: REGARDING GOLD! And other INFO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Life insurance, a very important savings instrument and often a first choice investment for retirement, will be incapable of returning more than 3%, thus becoming an investment trap because of time and taxation
constraints. Indeed, like the other savings and investments, states will tend to increase the tax burden on them in an attempt to bail out their finances. This phenomenon will be visible in continental Europe and China in particular (where savings rates are high), but a little less in Australia, New Zealand and the rest
of Asia. In the United States and United Kingdom, it will remain low because there is little left to be taken by the State due to the absence of personal savings in recent years.
In the months to come, you should get out of savings’ products which no do not provide good returns, because soon they will not bring in anything at all - or worse. Stay liquid! After this summer and the crisis
of the international monetary system, new trends will emerge that will certainly allow new choices.

The current situation is certainly uncomfortable, but nobody ever said that going through a global
systemic crisis and losing as little as possible would be a sinecure. "
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