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Message Subject Direct from a Confidential report: REGARDING GOLD! And other INFO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Due to the accelerating collapse of real
economy in the US and the ongoing recessions in Europe and Asia, the months to come will be even worse than the previous ones. The "glimmers of hope" seen by Barack Obama - like sister Anne perched on her tower57 - will not change anything. Despite permanent injections of public money, banks, specifically US ones, remain insolvent; and their recent manipulative activities and other positive « breaking news » without any sustainable content58 (explaining most of the March 2009 stock market rally), do not alter negative trends in the medium term. So, according to our team, you should keep your
life and drop stock options! A single sector may experience real growth in the months ahead: security, due to the development of global geopolitical dislocation.
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