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Message Subject Direct from a Confidential report: REGARDING GOLD! And other INFO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"In the knowledge that each time Bernanke declares that the Fed will purchase its own US Treasuries, they lose 10 percent in one day, i.e. USD 140 billion compared to other international currencies, Chinese leaders will certainly find it acceptable to sacrifice USD 400 or 500 billion. LEAP/E2020 believes that, at this stage, they will consider that they made the best « possible » use of
their USD-denominated assets. Then, they would better be among those who push the « button » - or who do not try to prevent it. The second phase of China’s “Great Escape” out of the Dollar will then begin,
depending on the behavior of the other key players. Either the Yuan takes its place as international reserve currency along with the Euro, Yen, Ruble, Real, or a process creating a new international reserve currency based on a basket of these currencies will begin. The Dollar will then be out of the race and the
G20 reduced to a G18 (without the United States and the United Kingdom, but with Japan no longer able to escape the Chinese sphere of influence). Otherwise, the process of global geopolitical dislocation, described in GEAB N°32, will be underway, based on economic blocks, each of them trading in their own
specific reserve currency."
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