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Message Subject The Unreported Story of Obama's Election
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Better keep filming because I believe that his monumental support will be fleeting, the higher the status the further he will fall the end of his grand rise will be a population very disappointed, very unsettled over economic policies which will strain us all. He will become very unpopular due to his inexperience and his long long well concealed alignment with communism. so .. in essence keep filming because the real story is how a community organizer managed to scam the public into voting for him has yet to be told.
Also while investigating and doing this documentary will there be any coverage of the 200 million donated to OBamas campaign from overseas? now the interesting part is, this money was donated over the internet, the part of the computer program which validates whether this donated money is from American citizens was turned off. So in other words 200 million came from overseas from WHO?????????????? Last I heard no one was ordered to investigate where these funds came from terrorists? big oil? muslims? George Soro's commie pals? WHO??????

The man has spent hundreds of thousands keeping his background off limits, his college records, his life as a drug user, his close relationships with domestic terrorists.. I wonder suppose Bill Ayers is on the DHS's list?
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