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Message Subject The Art of Making an Omelette
Poster Handle A_Leopard_Sanctuary
Post Content
1. He who does not use safflower oil or a hydrogenated oil (similar to Crisco) may expect a burned egg.

Most oils heats too rapidly. All liquid oils act overheating quick except safflower and grape. Grape seed oil and butter are great however may be expensive and/ or more difficult to manufacture.

Try animal grease, cool but impart flavors some don't like and/ or needs refrigeration.

Hydrogenated does best for eggs if got no extra minutes to spare. (Avoid hydrogenated on other breaded items of course since gross for arteries.) Took me while to accept.

2. Use fork to whip stir and not blender EVER. Blenders and mechanized gadgets all thins out chemistry of the proteins knocking their binding ability.

optional: add two teaspoons of canned milk per three eggs.

3. Add all fillings to center at middle of saute end and gently fold over. Sprinkle cheese.

4. Use extra thick plastic spatula.
Use steel or copper pans non Teflon since especially a funny taste that imparts to eggs.
Keep size of pan small to medium and thin rather than thick big supper pan that urges eggs to roll out far.

Use electric burner preferably since gas gets overly hot too quick for eggs.

I noticed these over past few years.
~ Sanctuary ~
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