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Message Subject The Art of Making an Omelette
Poster Handle Miss Maple
Post Content
I've had some really nasty omelettes in my life. They all seem to be to thin and burnt. I've read online about omelette cooking, but I seem to cook it differently than most do. Any cooks here do it like I do?

The main difference in how I do it is, instead of swirling the pan so the edges of the egg stick farther up the pan, I use a spatula and actually lift up the outer edges of the egg and tilt the pan so the uncooked part travels underneath. And then I use the spatula to manually scrape away all the rest of the uncooked egg so that it goes underneath too. I think this way it makes the omelette more moist, thick, and fluffy instead of thin and burnt.

Also I never add milk.

Here's my favorite omelette recipe:

1/2 T butter
2 eggs
diced salami
diced tomatoes
diced feta cheese
diced shallot
leftover basmati saffron rice with shitaki mushrooms
bean sprouts
 Quoting: ThreshingSword

Wow! This looks like a really yummy omelette. I can't wait to taste this. Thanks for posting the recipe. blobr
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