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The Boredom Thread: Battle of the Geico Mascots Edition

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User ID: 659407
United States
04/19/2009 10:24 PM
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The Boredom Thread: Battle of the Geico Mascots Edition
So I pose to you fellow bored people.Who would win in a knock out, drag out WWE style Texas Tornado match. And here are your competitors.

[link to i697.photobucket.com] Gecko

[link to i697.photobucket.com] Googly eyed Money.

and last but not least.
[link to i697.photobucket.com] Geico Caveman

Now, My "money" is on Mr. Googly Eyes he may not have arms, legs or even a body, but there's something menacing in those googly eyes. Something Sadistic.

And yes I am very, very bored.

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