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Message Subject Nazis are not lefties ... they are accounted to extreme right on worldwide consensus!!!
Poster Handle JADR
Post Content
^^ You act as if wrongdoing can only come from the left which is the typical try of the far right to wash their hands in innocence, you try to sell this with playing around with labels and names which mean nothing in the end, it's their deeds that count.

Nazis-fascists are on the far right on worldwide agreement, now try to respond to this!
 Quoting: FreeFlow

Historically The left are the revolutionaries and the right are the royalists. (that's from the French revolution)

This old association no longer holds true.

It leads to many wrong assumptions.

such as:

- The right is racist <-> Racism is the monopoly of the right

Clearly wrong!! Racism is present just as much on the left.

- The left is pacifist

Wrong again!
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