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Message Subject Could this swine flu pandemic be the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy of the harvest of the tares/Nephilim???
Poster Handle ThreshingSword
Post Content
it's the revenge of the swine he drove off the cliff.
 Quoting: pale horse 649520

Interesting that you should mention the swine, because the number of swine that Jesus drove the demons into is HIGHLY symbolic of the number of years that the Nephilim legally had left to remain on this Earth. Converted to our years, using the Bible's 360-day prophetic calendar, they had a legal right until approx. 1996 to remain here. After that year, they could begin to be thrown into the pit. 1996 is the year that Wingedlion/Whiterider began his war against the Nephilim TPTB, a war that he's still waging to this day.

26 A.D. (supposed year of exorcism) + 2000 years = 2026
2026 X 360 (God's prophetic Bible calendar years) = 729,360
729,360 / 365.25 = 1996

And wouldn't it be also highly symbolic that the demons/Nephilim are harvested off the Earth by the swine flu...
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