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UFOS: It Has Begun ~ Rod Serling ~ Good Documentary

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05/03/2009 07:25 AM
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UFOS: It Has Begun ~ Rod Serling ~ Good Documentary
I just finished watching this documentary, and although it's pretty old, and it reports on many of the things that other docus and "UFO Hunters" make stories about, this docu goes into more detail. I really enjoyed it. Thought you might too! (Scroll down the page at the link, about 1/3 down.)


[link to www.ufoblogger.blogspot.com]

<Spoilers below>

I thought I had seen every video about extraterrestrials and UFOs online, but there's a lot in this I've never seen.

It is rare that the D.O.D. and NASA co-operated in this film, and not only that, let them film within the Pentagon (at least it looks that way). Not sure when this docu was filmed, so maybe things were different back then. I know we'd never see the government associating themselves with this kind of stuff today.

It reports on a UFO sighting in 1897, and about cow mutilations back then too. It has restored my belief that we aren't the only ones in the universe. That is, unless our, or other countries, had the technology to build working spacecraft that long ago.

Another thing that caught my attention...the 1952 fly-over at the White House. The video claims the crafts were clocked at OVER 7,000 mph....if the mph is correct, then surely they were indeed alien UFOs, and not from earth, right?

UFO Blogger has some other good videos and articles
this week too. Just sharing...Enjoy!

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