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Scottish government to tackle "Islamophobia" in schools

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05/04/2009 09:55 AM
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Scottish government to tackle "Islamophobia" in schools
The Scottish Government is to back efforts to challenge Islamophobia in schools across the country.

More than £81,000 will be spent on holding more than 150 workshops in secondary schools over the next two years.

The move was announced by the Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop and welcomed by the Show Racism the Red Card charity, which will put on the 90-minute workshops.

The charity's campaign manager Billy Singh said: "We are delighted that the Scottish Government is supporting our Islamophobia work in schools.

"We are not intending to educate people about the Islamic religion, but to challenge myths and stereotypes and encourage people to think critically about the information that they receive."

Announcing the move, Ms Hyslop said: "The Scottish Government is determined to make sure that all our young people have the opportunity to learn and grow in a Scotland free from the discrimination and bigotry that inhibits personal development and blights communities.

"We are all modern Scots regardless of our race, religion or belief and the support we are providing to Show Racism the Red Card to deliver Islamophobia workshops recognises the increasingly diverse society we all share."

[link to www.theherald.co.uk]
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