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Message Subject What happened to the 10 days - May 16 - solar max thread?
Poster Handle ~Wet_Pain~
Post Content
There really is some interesting info at this site...

[link to www.earthfiles.com]

from the photo descriptions...

take note of this one

"Australian scientist: “We are studying two new crop patterns from May 9 (Peaks Down near Swindon) and the second pattern at Roundway Hill reported on May 10. Both relate closely to an upcoming solar flare-CME predicted for July 7, 2009.

1. The M4 motorway at Peaks Down, reported on May 9, lines up precisely with sunset on July 7, 2009, at 308 degrees.

2. Strangely enough, the apogee Moon of July 7, labeled above is furthest from Earth and lines up in the field further north around 320 or 330 degrees. This puzzled me, until I realized that our Moon will reach full on July 7 at UT 0920, but apogee 12 hours later at UT 2140, after it sets under the western horizon. When I checked to see what its azimuth would be at 2140, I found 330 degrees (US Navy website, altitude-azimuth Sun-Moon).”

does anyone know the numbers to pay attention to in that paragraph above??

hmmmmm we shall see

as above.... sooooooooooo
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