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Message Subject Moon Dust impacting at 30km per second,Dust fountains in the lunar sky,Lmv covered in it yet the Astronauts have spanking new suits
Poster Handle nomuse (NLI)
Post Content
Actually, I should add -- although the dust does "fly" during some operations (such as, from the Rover tires, especially when the fenders broke), it always flies in straight lines. Unlike on Earth, where dust hangs in the air and is evenly deposited on all exposed surfaces, the astronauts largely got dust where they came into direct contact with it.

This was still enough to get all over camera lenses, and even darken the body of the camera itself enough (the TV camera, that is) to put it at risk of overheating if not dusted off regularly. If you follow the transcripts, particularly on the Rover missions the astronauts spent a lot of time dusting!

Most pictures you'll see floating around the web HAVE been retouched, by National Geographic or Time or whoever was printing them. Dark skies were touched up, values pushed for contrast. Since the dust is usually at a favorable angle to the light, and the suits were close to exposure limits anyhow, when the photo is pushed you tend to get a very white suit with very little surface detail against a pale surface background. With the contrast enhanced to bring out the shadows, this only gets worse.
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