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NSF Attacked?

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05/23/2009 06:51 PM
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NSF Attacked?
I just got an email (normally get them) from Natural Solutions Foundation that it is being attacked by hackers or something to that effect. The email talked of them being forced to shut down in the very near future. Etc etc. I can add a copy of the email if anyone would like. I figure you either get those emails and you know what I am talking about…or you don’t get them and aren’t interested.

Anyway…the basic concept of the email is their money was taken from them (via hackers?) and they need donations. I think you can see why I might be suspicious. I don’t doubt the organization…but still paranoid whenever people ask for more money (already donate). For all I know this email is some sort of hack/trick/whatnot.

So….anyone know if this is a real issue? Know more about the organization? I figure I got their info originally via this website so someone must know something about them.