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Keep remembering a dream I had several years ago...

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United States
05/24/2009 04:26 AM
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Keep remembering a dream I had several years ago...
Had a series of very trippy, surreal, symbolic dreams since 2007, but began in 2000.

I'm stoned, if it matters (and I know it does) but it's interesting that I'm remembering.

One was basically an attack on the East coast (people got scared and thought they dropped nukes when in fact they seemed like fire bombs/napalm/dirty bombs).

Do you people remember the AF1 thing recently and how the people on the ground reacted? Same atmosphere, but on the beach in my dream. This was in 2007, April-May.

Just had to get that off my chest. Let it be known.

I think I've had more than a dozen in the past 2-3 years alone. I think it means something personally... and not just for me either as I'm noticing a transformation take place ALL around me.

Not just the economy, but just the simple basic reactions of people to dangers, potential dangers, etc.

The blackening of roses will send you to the edges of the land/
The emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean/
The hands of the mighty Lion of Judah/
Will throw you through the triangular portals of Bermuda/
Exploring the Hologramic aspects of consciousness/
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 500965
United States
05/24/2009 04:39 AM
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Re: Keep remembering a dream I had several years ago...
If you remember these things while stoned in particular, it may be due to what is called "State Dependent Memory".

Now, if you are familiar with the mental states that are enforced and suggested while being high or stoned on marijuana it is VERY possible to slip into them without the drug present in your system. (In fact, once you know what that state feels like you can save money by bringing that state up without the drug in your system. Almost all people familiar with those states can learn to do this on their own, just by practicing for a couple of hours...)

My point here is that if you did this while dreaming or smoked and then fell asleep,you may find it easiest right now to access those specific memories while under the influence of the same drug you used at the time.

While drugs have not been found to have a great positive effect on psychic functions in accuracy, they do not always diminish the actual ability and sometimes allow people to open their minds to things they may not otherwise allow into their heads.